City Directory

City Elected Officials


Shawn Keough

City Council Members

Paul Cousins
Donna Fisher
Julie Knight
Zach Michels
Jim Smith
Ray Tell



City Staff

City Manager

Courtney Nicholls, City Manager  (734) 580-2229

Justin Breyer, Assistant to the City Manager/City Clerk  (734) 580-2234


Marie Sherry, CPFA, MCAO, Treasurer/Finance Director  (734) 580-2231


Community Development

Michelle Aniol, Community Development Manager (734) 580-2233

Mike Auerbach, Assistant Planner (734) 580-2235

Public Services

Dan Schlaff, Superintendent of Public Services 
(734) 426-4572 (Public Utilities - water and sewer)
(734) 426-8530 (Department of Public Works - streets, sidewalks, stormwater)