Doing Business with the City

Following the City Council's adopted purchasing policy, the City makes an effort to use local businesses whenever it is both possible and cost effective.  

City bids for projects estimated to cost over $5,000 are posted on the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network.

Interested in becoming a vendor or supplier to the City?  Please contact the City Office.

RFP - Economic Development Strategic Plan

The City of Dexter is accepting proposals from individuals or firms to develop a 5 - 7 year Economic Development Strategic Plan. The consultant's overall responsibility will be to:
1) Conduct Public Outreach and Community Engagement
2) Collect Data and Perform Analysis
3) Define the Economic Strategy
4) Prepare the Final Economic Development Plan and Present it to City Council

The full Request for Proposals document may be found here
Attachment A -  Economic Advancement Report 2009
Attachment B - Economic Preparedness Plan 2010
Addendum #1 - Responses to Written Inquiries

RFP - Downtown Redevelopment Opportunity

Sealed proposals for a “Dexter Downtown Redevelopment Opportunity 2017” will be received bythe Dexter Downtown Development Authority (DDA) up to 2:00 P.M. on May 25, 2017, at whichtime they will be publicly opened at the City of Dexter offices at 8123 N. Main Street, 2nd floor, Dexter, MI 48130.

The Dexter Downtown Development Authority (DDA), together with the City of Dexter is seeking experienced development entities that have demonstrated success in executing highly complex redevelopment projects. The selected entity will be the DDA/City’s redevelopment partner for the project. The selected developer will be responsible for coordinating all development activities, including, but not limited to: community engagement process, conceptual and final site plans, project pro formas, property acquisition, market and feasibility studies, securing private sector equity and financing, and partnering with the Dexter DDA and City of Dexter to facilitate all project components, including the potential use of public financing and other incentives.

The Dexter DDA and City of Dexter are pleased to offer a premier redevelopment opportunity in downtown Dexter, with direct frontage that overlooks Mill Creek and the City’s award winning Mill Creek Park. The Dexter DDA and City of Dexter collectively own four parcels in the Downtown.  The four parcels measure approximately 3 acres (total), northwest of Main Street, between Grand and Forest Streets, and directly front onto the City’s award winning Mill Creek Park (Attachment A). These parcels include 3045 Broad Street, and three vacant lots (8077-8087 Forest Street and 8090 Grant Street). The 3045 Broad Street property surrounds a DTE substation on 3 sides (Attachment B).  The DDA/City and DTE are finalizing an agreement to decommission the sub-station and transfer of ownership of the property from DTE to the City. Hence, this property will be included in the redevelopment project area. The entire development project area is shown in Exhibit A. 

This project area has great residential, retail and office potential due to its location overlooking Mill Creek and Mill Creek Park, not to mention its close proximity to downtown Dexter.

The full Request for Proposals document may be found here