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October 25, 2016

The City of Dexter is working with two planning students from the University of Michigan to develop a Master Plan for First Street Park (at the end of Edison near Adair Printing). They have been gathering information from the community on the future vision for the Park. The students have developed a survey to gain additional feedback. Please take a moment to complete the survey by clicking on the following link -

October 11, 2016

Please remember that political signs must not be placed in the City right-of-way, which is generally the area between the sidewalk and the curb in front of your home/business.  If you do not have a sidewalk, please keep the sign closer to your home/business than the road. Thank you for your cooperation.

October 10, 2016

Hydrant flushing for fall 2016 is complete.

October 4, 2016

The installation of the yield signs at the roundabouts in Huron Farms/Orchard River Hills will occur the week of October 10, 2016. A majority of the preparation work has been completed. Signage will be placed at the Ryan Drive and Meadowview entrances to alert people to the new traffic control once it has been installed.

Original Update Below:

The signage at the roundabouts in Huron Farms/Orchard River Hills will be upgraded the week of October 3, 2016 to comply with current signage standards. The stop signs will be removed and replaced with yield signs at each entrance to the roundabout. The keep right signage will also be replaced with arrows pointing right. Trees around the new signage will be trimmed where necessary. The existing sign poles will be used where possible and the areas for the new poles have been marked with stakes. Signage will be placed at the Ryan Drive and Meadowview entrances to alert people to the new traffic control.

October 3, 2016

Highway Maintenance is scheduled to return to the City starting on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 to continue power washing and start repairs. Signage will be posted if residents need to move cars and/or if driveway access will be temporarily restricted.

September 28, 2016

The 2016 sidewalk project will begin the week of October 3, 2016. Residents in the project areas have been notified via letter. The project includes replacement of lifted sidewalk slabs, intersection ramp upgrades for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the addition of a small section of sidewalk on Alpine.

September 27, 2016

The City of Dexter will be hosting a public input session at First Street Park (located at 3700 Edison St. near Adair Printing) on Sunday, October 9th from 1 - 3 pm. The purpose of the event is to provide residents and visitors the opportunity to provide input on the look and function of the Park, which will be used in the creation of the First Street Park Master Plan. Participants will also be welcome to help themselves to food, refreshments, and games of horseshoes. For more information on this event, please contact Justin Breyer, Assistant to the City Manager at 734-580-2234 or e-mail

A link to the event flyer can be found HERE.

September 21, 2016

The last day to register to vote for the November 8, 2016 election is Tuesday, October 11, 2016. City Staff will be holding two off site voter registration opportunities. The first will be at Walkabout Creek in the main office on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 from 4 pm to 6 pm. The second will be at Dexter High School in the counseling hallway on Thursday, September 29, 2016 from 11 am to 1 pm. Voter registration forms can also be turned in at the City Office located at 8123 Main (2nd floor of the PNC Bank). If you have not voted in an election since the Village became a City (November 2014) and plan to vote on November 8, 2016 we would like to ask that you verify that your registration is up to date. This can be done by calling 734-580-2234 or by visiting

September 18, 2016

In the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) continued effort to build stronger relationships and trust with the community they serve, the WCSO will be hosting a three-part educational series consisting of six different topic areas. 

Session One: September 14th at the Learning Resource Center in Ann Arbor (6-8pm) will discuss
Topic area 1 - Recruitment, Hiring & Promotion and Topic area 2 - New Employee Training/PTO
RSVP for Session One - 

Session Two: September 28th at Ypsilanti Township Hall (6-8pm) will discuss 
Topic area 3 - Evolution of Subject Control/Use of Force and Topic area 4 - Accountability Practices (processing service complaints/internal investigations)
RSVP for Session 2 - 

Session Three: October 12th at Mill Creek Middle School in Dexter (6-8pm) will discuss
Topic area 5 - Veteran Employee Training and our new training series (Managing Interpersonal Interactions) and Topic area 6 - Corrections Operations
RSVP Session 3 -