City ordinances require permits, for a variety of activities, in order to safeguard the health and welfare of residents and businesses within the City.  Permit applications can be filled out online and mailed with the appropriate payment, or brought into the City Office.  The City Council adopts the permit fee schedule.

Fee Schedule

Notes Regarding Building Permits and Soil Erosion Permits

Building permits are required before building anything.  They are available from the Washtenaw County Building Department.  However, prior to obtaining a building permit a Zoning Compliance Permit must be obtained from the City Community Development Department. Please see the Zoning Permits page.

Soil Erosion Permits:  Please contact the Washtenaw County Soil Erosion Department for permit information.

Permits and Forms

General Permits and Forms

  • Burn Permit Application 
  • Complaint Form/Request for Service
  • Employment Application
  • Freedom of Information Act Request
  • Hawkers and Peddlers Application
  • Main Street Banner Permit Application
  • Property Addressing Application

Parks and Tree Permits and Forms

  • Park Use/Special Event Permit
  • Tree Order Form
  • Tree Work Permit

Planning Permits and Forms

  • Engineering Standards
  • Planned Unit Development
  • Site Plans
  • Environmental Checklist
  • Special Use Application

Zoning Permits

  • Building and Construction
  • Building Use and Occupation
  • Rezoning and Zoning Appeals
  • Signs
  • Code Complaint Form
  • Right of Way Permit
  • Land Division/Combination Application