Mill Creek Park Slope Improvements - Phase 1

Bid Document

This project includes all work within the boundary of “PHASE 1” as indicated on attached site plan, on both sides of existing timber steps. All work shall conform to the specifications outlined in Attachment 5 and on the site drawings.

Section 1 – Vegetation Removal

Cut existing trees to ground, leave stumps, but immediately treat with an appropriate herbicide. Remove sapling and seedling tree roots in areas of slope cut. Remove approximately 6 deciduous multi-stem trees 5’ in height; and 1 deciduous understory single trunk, 1.5” cal. Vegetation to be removed will be flagged by property owner prior to the pre-bid meeting.
Section 2 – Grading and Planting

1. Earthwork – Cut grade to depth as indicated on plans. Remove and haul cut soil to disposal site. Slope shall be shaped under direction of landscape architect. The purpose is to decrease the steepness of the slope both downhill and towards stairs.

2. Plantings – Install shrubs and trees as indicated on site plan and attached bid form. The list and quantities of plant species for Phase 1 of this project is provided in the bottom left corner of page 2 of the site drawings.

3. Restoration – Restore any impacted areas surrounding site, including but not limited to grass restoration, concrete repair, and timber repair.

4. Mulch – Installation of shredded bark mulch.

5. Plant Maintenance – Maintain and warranty plants for one year following completion of the project.