Business Trash & Recycling Service

Trash and Recycling Collection
Trash collection is done by a private solid waste hauler, Waste Management, and is billed to residents and businesses by the City. The City of Dexter has a single-hauler contract with Waste Management, and all properties in the City of Dexter must use Waste Management for the hauling of regular refuse and recycling. Refuse pick up days for commercial entities may be scheduled Monday - Saturday; Recycling pick up days may be scheduled Monday - Friday (holiday pick up is one day after regular pick up). Roll off containers are also available through Waste Management, but property owners may use another commercial hauler for construction debris services. To schedule new service or change existing service, please contact the City Office at 734-426-8303.

Collection Fees
The cost of service for stand-alone commercial entities is based in the City's contract with Waste Management. These costs are outlined in the 2019 Commercial Contract Rates document. For additional pick-up days or additional containers, multiply the rate by the number of pick up days and the number of containers. Rates are valid August through the following August.

Downtown Businesses
Due to space available for dumpsters, many downtown businesses have trash and recycling collection through a shared dumpster system, which is serviced by Waste Management. The cost of participation in this system is indicated on the City of Dexter's Fee Schedule. The cost of service depends on the type and size of your business.