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The City Study Committee was commissioned in 2006 to study the pros and cons of the Village of Dexter becoming a city. Their duties ended with their preparation and adoption of the Village of Dexter Citizens Advisory Committee “City Study Committee” Final Report – March 7, 2007, which detailed their recommendations to the Village Council. Based on this report, the Council decided to move forward with pursuing city status.

Historical Timeline

2006            City Study Committee was commissioned.

2007-Mar     Village of Dexter Citizens Advisory Committee “City Study Committee” Final Report

  • The City Study Committee reported back to the Village Council that pursuing cityhood was recommended.

  • Based on this report, the Council decided to move forward with pursuing city status.

2008-Dec      Map of current boundary completed by Village Engineer OHM.

2009-Nov-6   Petitions submitted to the State Boundary Commission requesting to become the City of Dexter (docket #09-I-1).  164 signatures were collected.

2010-Feb-11  Boundary Commission discussed the petition.  [Summary of the meeting.]

2010-Mar-9   Village representatives met with Boundary Commission staff.  [Summary of the meeting.]

2010-Mar-18 Boundary Commission found the Village's petition legally insufficient due to questions about the boundary legal description.

2010-Dec-15 Village Council amended the proposed legal description for clarity and contiguity. 158 signatures were collected and the petition was mailed to the Boundary Commission (docket #10-I-2).

2011-Jun-16 The legal sufficiency hearing held by Boundary Commission.  [Agenda and legal sufficiency review.] 

  • The Boundary Commission staff reviewed the petition; their opinion was that it meets the criteria for legal sufficiency.

  • An objection was raised by Webster Township as to whether or not property included in a 425 agreement can be included in the area proposed for incorporation into the new city.

  • An objection to being drawn into the boundary was also raised by the Dexter Area Historical Society.

  • Boundary Commission decided to request an opinion from the State Attorney General's Office on whether 425 areas could be included in the proposed boundary.

2011-Aug-18 Boundary Commission voted 4-0 to find the Village's petition legally insufficient.

  • Though the Boundary Commission staff and Attorney General concluded that land covered under a 425 could be included in the petition, the Boundary Commission disagreed.

  • At the hearing the Village requested a copy of the Attorney General's Opinion but it was not released because they said it was covered by attorney-client privilege.

2011-Aug-23 Village submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for a copy of the transcript of the hearing and all documents related to the first and second petition filing, with hopes of obtaining the Attorney General's opinion and other insight into the Boundary Commission's ruling.

2011-Sep-1  President Keough attended the Dexter Area Historical Society meeting to hear their concerns about being included in the Village boundary.

2011-Sep-15 Boundary Commission met and officially adopted the "findings of fact" that summarized the reasons for legal insufficiency, with a 5-0 vote.  [Findings of Fact document.]

  • The Boundary Commission is a recommending body, so the "findings of fact" document was forwarded to the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for final approval. During this meeting the Commission decided to release a copy of the Attorney General's opinion.  [Attorney General’s opinion.]

2011-Sep-26 Village Council discussed the Village's options moving forward and decided that the best next step was directing staff to contact the Director and explain our concerns about the process and the recommendation made by the Boundary Commission.  [Council memo.]

2011-Sep-27 Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs contacted by e-mail. [E-mail to the Director.]

2011-Oct-4  Village received documents from the Freedom of Information Act request. Several items related to contact between the staff/Commissioners and the Attorney were withheld due to attorney-client privilege.

2011-Oct-10 Village Council supported the idea that President Keough should meet with Webster Township to talk through their concerns about the petition.

2011-Oct-14 Village President, Assistant Village Manager and the Village's cityhood attorney participated in a conference call with the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and his Deputy to further explain the Village's position and answer any questions.

  • The Director explained that they were doing an internal review of the petition.

  • Village representatives indicated that we were planning to meet with Webster Township and would inform them of the outcome of the meeting.

2011-Oct-26 Village received a "findings of fact" signed by the Director declaring the petition legally sufficient and instructing the Boundary Commission to set a public hearing.  [Finding of Fact document.]

2011-Oct-28 Village President and Assistant Village Manager met with the Webster Township Supervisor.

2011-Nov-2  President Keough, Webster Township Supervisor Kingsley and Assistant Manager Nicholls met with a member of the boundary commission staff to discuss options for the boundary that would satisfy all parties.

  • The Village drafted a boundary map that was acceptable to Webster Township and the Historical Society.  [Updated map.]

2011-Nov-14 Village Council supported the idea of presenting the new proposed boundary to the Boundary Commission.

2011-Nov-17 Boundary Commission sets the public hearing for January 17, 2012 at 4 p.m. at the Dexter District Library.

  • The boundary for the public hearing will be the boundary proposed in the petition filing.

  • At the public hearing the Village will request that the Commission adopt the new proposed boundary as the final boundary.

  • Boundary Commission submitted a questionnaire to the Village.

2011-Dec-9  Village completed and returned questionnaire to Boundary Commission.  [Questionnaire.]

2012-Jan-17 Boundary Commission held a public hearing in the Village.

2012-Feb-18 The 30 day comment period follow the Public Hearing ended.

  • The Boundary Commission posted information received during the 30 day comment period. [Posted information. Scroll down to the bottom for the Village’s portion.]

2012-Mar-19 The petitioner's seven day rebuttal period ended. [Rebuttal letter.]

2012-May-9  Boundary Commission meeting.  [Meeting Agenda; Washtenaw County Agenda]

  • Boundary Commission voted 5-0 to recommend that the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs approve the Village' s cityhood petition with the revised boundary that was presented by the Village and Webster Township.  [Final Boundary Map.]

2012-Jun-13 Boundary Commission approved their "SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS,�?�FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW", which was then transmitted to the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

2012-Jul-13  Director signed the order.  Begins 45-day referendum period.  [Signed order.]

2012-Aug-27 Referendum period ends.

  • During that period, any citizen could obtain signatures on a petition to call for a referendum on whether or not the Village should become a city.

  • The Village received notification on August 23, 2012 that a petition had been filed. [Notification document.]

2012-Oct-10 Boundary Commission met to determine the legal sufficiency of the petitions. [Agenda; Memo.]

  • The petitions were found to be legally sufficient.

  • The order was signed by the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

2013-May-7  Referendum Election determined that the process will continue. Results can be viewed at Washtenaw County's Elections Reporting Page for May 2013.

2013-November-5 Nine City Charter Commissioners were elected to write the City Charter.

2014-June-25 The Charter Commission received final approval from the Governor to place the City Charter on the November 4, 2014 ballot.

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