Housing Task Force

“The Mission of the Dexter Housing Task Force is to acquire an understanding of the state of housing the City of Dexter and offer City Council innovative new approaches to address the state of housing and housing needs.”

The Dexter City Council established a Housing Task Force on December 26, 2018.  The goal of the Housing Task Force is to research housing needs and options in the City of Dexter and present findings to the City Council, for additional study or action. The Housing Task Force has no final decision-making authority.  

The Housing Task Force is expected to complete its assignment within twelve (12) months.  All meetings of the Housing Task Force are open to the public.


10/24/19 Agenda      
09/26/19 Canceled
08/22/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
07/25/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
06/20/19 Canceled
05/23/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
04/25/19 Canceled
03/28/19 Canceled Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
02/28/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
02/12/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
01/31/19 Agenda       Packet       Minutes