Assessing Resources for Businesses

Commercial and industrial taxpayers are subject to assessment of both real and personal property. Assessment notices are sent in February of each year. Although not required to appeal property assessments to the Board of Review, the Assessor would appreciate contact from businesses with concerns before the March Board of Review starts. It may be possible to resolve valuation issues without the added expense to both parties of filing an appeal with the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

Personal property tax statement forms will be mailed to City businesses in January. The City of Dexter encourages small businesses that are eligible for the Small Business Taxpayer Exemption to file the Form 5076 with the assessor. This exemption needs to only be filed once, unless the the business acquires property in excess of the maximum threshold. In that case, the business should file a new personal property tax statement with the assessor.  Businesses that are eligible for this exemption but that do not file the Form 5076 will be responsible for paying taxes based on the assessor's estimate of their property's value.

While a personal property canvas is performed each year, the assessing office would appreciate notification if a business is closing or moving. Per the Property Tax Act, businesses that close or move are still responsible for the payment of any taxes that were levied in the year in which they close/move.