Development Review Process & Procedures

Development Review:

  1. Site Plan Review and approval is required for all proposed uses and structures within the City, except for single-family detached dwellings and accessory structures, such as fences and garages.  The Site Plan Review process is a convenient three (3) step process that starts with a Pre-Application Meeting, followed by Preliminary Site Plan and Final Site Plan Reviews. Click the following highlighted text for a copy of the City's Site Plan Review Flow Chart.

  2. Administrative Site Plan Review may be allowed in the following cases:

  • Expansion or reduction of an existing conforming structure/use measuring less than 1,000 sq. ft. or less.
  • Changes of use within an existing building, provided the use is a permitted use within the zoning district of the site.
  • Provision for additional parking, loading/unloading spaces and landscape improvements required by Ordinance.