Parks & Trails

Community Park
Community Park is located on Ryan Drive and is open to the public. In the past few years, a walking path, gazebo, benches, basketball court and other improvements have been made to this park.prk_CP_01_gazebo(ab)  prk_CP_02_playground(ab)  prk_CP_04_basketball_court(fb)

First Street Park
The First Street Park is located at the end of Edison Street along the railroad tracks. The park is equipped with horseshoe pits, picnic tables and a porta potty during the summer months.
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Monument Park
Monument Park is the City's .3-acre town center, where community celebrations such as Dexter Daze, Apple Daze, and the Paint Dexter Plein Air Festival are held. It has a gazebo for concerts and other cultural events, providing a community gathering place in the downtown district. In the winter, there is also an outdoor ice rink located within the park.
thumb_hist_Monument_Park_01_Civil_War_Monument-md(js)  thumb_hist_Monument_Park_02_about_1913-md(js)    thumb_prk_MP_03_gazebo-sm(ms)

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Lions Park
Lion’s Park is located along Ann Arbor and Edison Streets. At the end of 2015, the Park consists of a gazebo donated by the Dexter Lions Club, several park benches, and sidewalks. The City plans to develop a playground at this Park, with installation of a play structure to take place in the spring of 2016.
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Peace Park
Peace Park is a .2-acre mini-park at the corner of Ann Arbor and Inverness Streets is east of downtown. It has picnic tables and benches for residents to enjoy. The mission of Peace Park is to encourage residents to relax and reflect on the cultural and social diversity of the City.

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Mill Creek Park North
Mill Creek Park on the north side of Main Street (formerly Warrior Creek Park) is a 2.15-acre park located behind the fire station and next to the Mill Creek, which flows northeast into the Huron River. In 2012, north of the Main Street Bridge, a pedestrian bridge was constructed. The ¼ mile pedestrian path leads visitors across the Mill Creek and through wetland habitat before exiting into the Westridge of Dexter neighborhood. An additional 5 miles of trail was constructed along the Huron River connecting the Village to the Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authorities (HCMA) Hudson Mills Park. A wooden stairway was added to provide access from the park up the steep hillside to connect to the Dexter District Library and the Farmer's Market.

thumb_prk_MCP_boardwalk_02-sm(ms)  thumb_prk_MCP_boat_launch_n_01-sm(ms)  thumb_prk_MCP_creek_n_01-sm(js)  thumb_prk_MCP_creek_n_02_winter-sm(js)

thumb_prk_MCP_playground_01_behind_Fire_Hall-sm(js)  thumb_prk_MCP_stairs_01_to_Alpine_St-sm(js)  thumb_prk_MCP_stairs_02_to_Library-Farmers_Market-sm(js)  thumb_prk_Trail_nw_03-sm(ms)

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Mill Creek Park South
Mill Creek Park, on the south side of Main Street, is approximately an additional 4 acres of the park developed in the former Mill Pond dam impoundment. The City (Village at the time) received a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant and a Waterways Infrastructure Grant in 2009 to develop non-motorized boat launches, a trail network, natural features and fishing docks to reconnect people with the Mill Creek. Park development started in 2011 and the grand opening was held on August 11, 2012.

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Regional Parks and Recreation
Huron-Clinton Metroparks: The Southeast Michigan region is serviced by the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority, which controls approximately 24,000 acres of land within five counties. Washtenaw County has three regional parks located along the Huron River and are within 7 miles of the Village limits. Hudson Mills Metropark, the largest of the three, provides multiple recreation, learning, and group facilities and activities. Dexter-Huron Metropark provides many family recreation opportunities. Delhi Metropark provides play areas, picnicking, boat and canoe rental.

Smith Woods
Smith Wood, located on Dexter-Chelsea Road, was the City's largest park. The 17 acre park is undeveloped, although trails have been cleared throughout the wooded and otherwise undisturbed land. This park was donated to Washtenaw County in 2008 to enhance the Miller-Smith Preserve.

Border-to-Border Trail
Border-to-Border Trail (B2B) – This Trail represents an ongoing collaboration of communities and organizations to construct a shared-use path that will link the open spaces of the Huron River Greenway. With its County Greenways initiative, the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission has made a serious commitment to expand hike and bike trails throughout the County. Over 23 miles of paved, shared-use paths exist as a part of the B2B today, with more to come. In January 2015, the B2B was incorporated into the State of Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail.

The Dexter segment of the Border-to-Border Trail links Dexter-Huron Metro Park through Downtown Dexter to Mill Creek Park to Hudson Mills Metro Park.

Iron Belle Trail – The goal of the Iron Belle Trail is to allow travelers the opportunity to hike or bicycle on a continuous trail from Belle Isle in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula to Ironwood in the Northern Peninsula. The 1,273-mile hiking route uses existing multi-use trails that have been developed by local units of government, counties, and the State. The Border-to-Border Trail has been incorporated into this statewide trail, which runs through the City of Dexter.

"The Loop" Non-Motorized Path
“The Loop” – The Huron-Waterloo Pathways Initiative has begun planning, development, and fundraising for a 44-mile continuous “loop” trail system connecting Dexter, Chelsea, Stockbridge, and Pinckney to the State’s Iron Belle Trail System. The proposed system would connect to Dexter via the Border-to-Border Trail that runs north towards Hudson-Mills Metropark, and west via the Dexter-Chelsea Rd. corridor.