Property Tax Exemptions & Reductions

Disabled Veterans Exemption
Disabled veterans with a rating of 100% and their surviving spouses may be eligible for a complete exemption of their property taxes. The eligible veteran or their surviving spouse must file the proper form and supporting documentation with the assessor every year in order to receive the exemption.

Hardship Reduction
Taxpayers who are experiencing a financial hardship may qualify for a hardship reduction on their taxes by making an application to the Board of Review. The City of Dexter annually adopts guidelines for this process. If granted, the taxpayer's taxable value is reduced to the level determined by the Board of Review. Taxpayers wishing to apply for a hardship reduction must apply annually, and no later that December 1st.

Principal Residence Exemption
This exempts a taxpayer from payment of the 18 mill State Education Tax on their primary residence. This exemption may be prorated for properties that contain both a principal residence and rental units. Eligible homeowners must file the proper form to receive the exemption. The assessor may require follow-up documentation.