State Required Financial Reporting

For a comprehensive look at the City's budgets and other financial information, we invite you to explore the detailed pages and documents contained in this section of the website.  Below is the minimum information required by the State of Michigan:

 Certification of Accountability and Transparency

The Michigan Revenue Sharing Incentive Program requires that all municipalities create a Performance Dashboard and Citizen's Guide to Municipal Finance based on the State Form 65, a required report made each year to the Michigan Department of Treasury, as well as a Debt Service Report and a Projected Budget Report. Below are the documents that we created using the State of Michigan's templates - the City has chosen to use the Michigan Department of Treasury's Citizens Guide to satisfy program requirements.

Citizens Guide to Local Unit Finance
Performance Dashboard
Debt Service Report
Projected Budget Report

Michigan Department of Transportation
Public Act 51 of 1951, Section 18J, requires that all municipalities who receive transportation funding under the Act make the following information available to the public via the municipality's website:

MDOT Form 2068
City of Dexter Budget
Transportation Asset Management Council Financial Performance Dashboard
Contact Information for the Governing Body
Contact Information for Transportation Staff

Protecting Local Government Retirement and Benefits Act
Public Act 202 of 2017 created a mechanism for oversight of local unit pension and retire health care funding levels. Municipalities are required to submit an annual report to the Department of Treasury and to make the information available to the public via the municipality's website. The City of Dexter's funding levels for our pension and retiree health care programs are higher than the minimum state requirements, and the pension and retiree health care programs are closed to employees hired after 2011.

2018 Pension and OPEB Report
2018 Notice of Acceptance