Residential Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste

Garbage Collection
Garbage collection is done by a private solid waste hauler, Waste Management, and is billed to residents and businesses by the City. Pick up days for residential customers occurs on Mondays (holiday pick up is one day after regular pick up).

Link to the Recycling Improvement Program taking place in June - August 2021.

Business and Commercial collection and rate information may be found on the Business Trash and Recycling Service Page

Frequently Asked Trash and Recycling Questions

Why did my trash/recycle not get picked up?

When is residential curbside trash, recycling, and compost collected?

Which holidays impact the trash/recycling collection day?

Do I have to use a curb cart for trash and recycling?

What items will not be collected at the curb?

How do we place carpeting out for refuse collection?

Where can I take my items that are not able to be collected at the curb?

What items can go in my recycle cart?

What should I do with my electronics?

Can I set appliances out to the curb?

Do I have to call to schedule a bulk item pick-up?

Can I change the size of my curb cart?

A 96-gallon cart for trash is not enough for my household, what can I do?

What do I do with my yard waste?

Why is yard waste and compost only picked-up during certain times of the year?

What should I do with branches and tree limbs?

What should I do with leaves?

What should I do with plastic bags?

One of my carts is missing, what should I do?

One of my carts was damaged, what should I do?

I am physically unable to take the cart to the curb, what should I do?

How will I be billed, and can I put my service on hold when I am out of town?

Will my home be serviced at the same time every week?

What should I do with my Christmas tree?