Master Plan Update

The City of Dexter is updating its Master Plan, in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Enabling Act (Public Act 33 of 2008), as amended.  The Master Plan is a long-range statement of the general goals and policies, which aim to unify development of the City, complement the goals of adjacent communities, and strike a balance of orderly change, in a deliberate and controlled manner.  It is the basis upon which zoning and land use decisions are made.

Planning Commission Recommends Review and Distribution of Draft Master Plan to City Council
On May 6, 2019 a complete draft of the Master Plan Update was presented to the Planning Commission.  Following a thorough review and discussion, the Planning Commission recommended review and distribution of the draft Master Plan to Council, in accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (PA 33 of 2008, as amended).  Click HERE to view the draft Master Plan.  Distribution of the Plan triggers a 63-day comment period, during which adjacent communities, public utilizes and regional planning agencies are give the opportunity to review and provide feedback.  The process for any additional revisions and adoption, is as follows:
  • Comments, questions and/or concerns can be emailed to the City's Community Development Manager ( or Planning Consultant (  
  • Public Hearing by Planning Commission (anticipated in September) 
  • Recommendation by Planning Commission (anticipated in September)
  • Adoption by City Council (anticipated in September or October)

Public Input on Master Plan Update
The Planning Commission conducted a special meeting to update the public on the progress being made on the MP Update, and to solicit input from the public. The meeting was held on October 29, 2018 and at the Dexter District Library,.   The City's Planning Consultant, Carlisle Wortman (CWA), presented an overview of the MP Update, including the following:
  • What is a Master Plan and why it needs to be update,
  • The process for updating the Master Plan, the main topic of the special meeting (i.e. Future Land Use) and the next steps;
  • Background studies and activities to now;
  • Updates to existing land use map, adjacent communities future land use map, the City’s future land use map;
  • Overall goal of the Master Plan;
  • Identification of downtown expansion/preservation, additional housing options, and re-use of non-residential buildings/lots in residential neighborhoods.
Four stations were set up highlighting key elements of the Master Plan Update, which need public input, including future land use, downtown expansion/preservation, additional housing options, and re-use of non-residential buildings/lots in residential neighborhoods.  Residents, business and property owners, and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend.