Property Tax Assistance Programs

Hardship Exemption

The Hardship Exemption is available to homeowners who are unable to afford their taxes due to unforeseen financial hardship. This exemption is available every year, and must be applied for to the March, July, or December Board of Review. Exemption guidelines, as established by City Council, are available on the Assessing page at

Summer and Winter Tax Deferment

This deferment is available every year as permitted by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. It allows seniors who meet certain requirements to defer payment of their summer and/or winter taxes to allow them time to file their state income tax returns. Application is made directly to the City Treasurer, and it can be found on the Property Tax Deferment page at

Step Forward Michigan

This program provides interest-free, payment-free, forgivable loans to help homeowners catch up on delinquent property taxes, mortgage payments, and association dues. Visit for more information.

If you have questions regarding these programs please contact Marie Sherry, City Treasurer at or 734-580-2231.