Ordinance Reminders

Did you know…

Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks in front of their homes clear of obstructions. If you have plants, shrubs, or trees on your property that have grown over the sidewalk, please trim them back so they are not obstructing the safe use of the sidewalks. (City Ordinance Sec 62-39)

Dog waste must be collected and disposed of in a trash can. The City has provided trash receptacles and dog waste disposal units throughout town. Dog waste is not suitable for recycle, compost or storm drains. Not collecting dog waste or intentionally throwing it into a City storm drain is an ordinance violation. (City Ordinance Sec. 10-37)

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalks downtown is not permitted. Bicycle riders should walk their bike on the sidewalk in the downtown area. This is especially important to avoid collisions right in front of entrances to our downtown businesses. (City Ordinance Section 54-133