Thank You Message from Mayor Keough

Thank You Message from the Mayor

Hello everyone and happy sunny Friday!   As we flip the page on the calendar from March to April, I wanted to reach out and say thank you.  The first thank you goes to those that are working hard each day to help all of us - that is our first responders (Police, Fire and Ambulance), our City of Dexter staff (office, public works, water and wastewater employees) and those in the service industries who continue to stock our shelves at the local grocery stores and pharmacies.  Thank you for being there for all of us during this difficult time where we have been asked to stay home. 

It appears our City residents are doing a good job of staying home and staying safe and I would like to thank everyone who is complying with the Governor’s Order.  It is really important that we continue to “isolate ourselves together”.   While Washtenaw County is not immune to this horrible virus,  it is good to see everyone doing their part to stay at home and stay safe.  The latest data shows that our 48130 zip code represents about 2% of the total virus cases in Washtenaw County (as of April 2, 2020) -

If we keep staying at home, hopefully we can keep that number as low as possible by doing our part to limit the spread.   The predictions are that the number of positive cases is going to continue to increase.  In fact, the peak of this appears to be in the near future, so please remember we can do our part to minimize the impact by continuing to stay at home (and to wash your hands) and by continuing to stay positive.   We will get through this and we can help each other stay positive even when we aren’t interacting in close proximity to each other.  Please stay in touch with those you care about!  Please call them, Facetime them, or wave to them across the street or if you pass them while on an exercise walk.   Every time you say “hello”, “good evening” or ask “how are you doing?” to another person over the phone or from across the street, it serves as a reminder that we are all in this similar situation.  Kind words serve as a good example that people come first.  So while our current system is set up to keep us physically separated, please find virtual ways to stay connected to others.   My last thank you goes out to everyone that has waved at me or emailed or texted to ask how I was doing.  Our sense of community is still very strong here in Dexter. So thank you again.  I wish each of you the best in the days ahead.  Have a nice weekend!