Outdoor Burning

The City and the Dexter Area Fire Department have been receiving complaints about outdoor burning in the City. Open burning of any kind is prohibited within the City. The use of fire appliances (e.g. chimineas) is permitted, however, the appliance should be at least ten feet away from all property lines and structures. Only wood can be burned. It should be the same type of wood that would be used in an indoor fireplace. The burning of yard debris is not permitted. Though the use of these appliances is allowable, we would ask that you carefully monitor the wind and the impact of its use on your neighbors. The smoke cannot create a nuisance or a hazard, such as smoke blowing onto a neighbor's property or onto a street. With the stay at home order, people are increasingly and understandably sensitive about things that impact their property and we would like to avoid having the Fire Department called to come out to deal with these situations.