The City of Dexter is located in Southeast Michigan, along the banks of the Huron River and Mill Creek. A walk through the unique, historic downtown offers visitors the opportunity to experience nostalgic small town America only minutes from Ann Arbor. Enjoy a friendly and inviting shopping experience, dine at one of the many great restaurants, or marvel at the historically preserved homes in the area.

A day in Dexter also awards visitors the opportunity to experience and enjoy nature. Take a trip from Mill Creek down the gently winding Huron River; a walk through marvelous nature trails; or ride a bike on the County Border-to-Border Trail. Visitors may walk, paddle or bike to several Huron-Clinton Metroparks that flank Dexter, including Hudson-Mills, Dexter-Huron, and Delhi.

The Dexter area also boasts a wealth of cultural amenities, including numerous festivals, a local theatre, the Dexter Historical Museum, summer concerts, ice skating in the winter, and beautiful parks.